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Parents Testimonials

We started sending our daughter from Jan this year. We are happy that we chose this school as it has excellent teachers and environment. The teachers are very caring and are passionate and creative in teaching. We are impressed with all the aspects of the school.To list a few, It has...

- Smart board (These days all the kids loves technology and growing up with tabs and laptops)
- Nice toys and play area for good physical activities
- Wooden flooring
- Fun events where kids are actively participating
- Share the activities on Facebook where we can check out how our kids are doing

We are happy that we have taken the decision to join our son Joshua Mahieu in purple buds ,we would like to rate the school as one of the best schools in our area ,teachers are very much caring and energetic even the non teaching staff are very caring .I would like to recommend other parents to join your kids in this school in the best interest of our children.

Being working parents, we always wanted our Kid to grow with friends and have quality time when we are at office. Purple Buds fit in right on that. Its just not about learning rhymes, alphabets, numbers but how the kid gets enthused and look forward to go to school everyday. We are having hard time to keep her at home on weekends and she wants to go to school. That’s what Purplebuds has done. Awesome Teachers and even better Management who understands Kids need, Kid’s Parents need and acclimatize according to it. Looking forward for Purplebuds to grow in coming years and hope my Kid keep growing alongwith it. It has been such a lovely journey so far.

Personally we never felt play group is an accountable learning program and generally most of the parents feel it is just for getting the kid engaged for sometime. But we were forced to change our views and we ultimately ended up quite serious about it. The whole credit goes to teachers and head of the institution who made every parent realize this, by their continuous learning activities, interaction programs, progressive feedback.Within a matter of months school infrastructure has shown quite noticeable improvement from fledgeling stage to international school standards...

And in one sentence if I wanna describe the school, it’s the school that listens to parents...

When i enrolled varun, he was like any typical children. It as a month later, through the observations of his dedicated staff who highlighted his concerns and progress to me, therein i could notice he being developed as a confident individual participating in all class activities, verbalizing his needs in english which was a significant rise for a child in just 2 months.

This pre-school provides children with special needs and extra quality care which makes a special place.

He gets practical experience for most of the things he learn rather just memorizing which is not done in so called the typical schools. Here children are treated, without exception, with kindness and respect, each child is made so valued and important. They share a very relaxed, calm environment with structure, discipline and manners. All the parents of the school appreciates the cultural and traditional values it follows in celebrating the festivals making the kids experience and understand all the varied culture. Now that, they are aware of what and how the celebration goes for every individual fest.

The school is been the best for this wonderful person, The center head, Mrs. Pramila Prakash, a super intelligent lady, who understands child’s psychology in microscopic and imbibing methodologies in diluting any in-disciplinary manners and channelizing the child’s personality development which is a challenging task for a school head.

I give the highest ranking as it proved to be one of the best International Kindergarten. For those parents who wants to join your child in Purple Buds, please do not have any second thought for you to be a "Proud Parent" in your child’s success which itself "Your child’s Pride".

Initially we had a problem to send Kundana to school. She was not comfortable to going away from us. I really appreciate the patience of teachers & head of the institution to make her confirm with them. Thanks for the amazing special attention on each children, we can understand as the kids are coming to school with smile every day. It’s very good to see progress of the kid every day & status of the feedback sessions on every month. We recommend purple buds as it is holy place for kids with international standards & low fee structure. For the parents who wants to join your kid to school, I proudly recommend Purple Buds. Thank you.

I think I have choosen the best school in this locality. The teachers and centre head are very caring and creative. My daughter is always excited to go school. We liked the below facilites.

- Good ambience
- Smartboard
- Toys & place to play
- Updates & photos
- Fun events

A big thanks for all the lovable and wonderful support you (Mam Pramila & Team) gave to Leon. Purple Buds a small heaven for our little ones which has a good curriculum, very good activity center, very neat and hygienic environment. after attending the convocation program conducted by the purple buds, I was so excited. The concept of bringing up the students in a such little age is really admirable. Thank you.

An year ago, when we admitted Rimzim into Purple Buds, as a parent we had a lot of anxiety and apprehension on our decision of choosing the right school. Over time we had seen huge improvement in Rimzim. Thank you Purple Buds Team for all your effort and patience. With your presence, we were rest assured that our daughter is in safe hands. I refer Purple Buds 100% as a starting school.

Purple Buds is such a nurturing and caring environment that I happily recommend it to anyone who is looking for a Pre-K/ Kindergarten. I feel comfortable knowing that my daughter is getting the best care and education, and also will be keeping her there for the Kindergarten year’s as well.

The feedback on my daughter’s progress is consistent and the management constantly keep us informed regularly via PTM meetings and WhatsApp messages.

When my daughter started at Purple Buds, she had extreme separation anxiety, but on day one we left her for about 2 hours and she spent her day without evening crying. The staff is so wonderful with all the kids, I always feel that warmth when I leave her and walk through the door every morning.

In addition to regular classwork, the school offers a wide array of activities which further stimulate my daughter and provide her with great group learning experience. I can’t speak highly enough about Purple Buds!

Being a working couple, I always like my kid to grow, learn and participate in different activities. Purple buds team have done a fantastic job. My son improves a lot. I would like to say special thanks to Pramila Madam.Purple buds teaching staff is incredible.

Hello Purplebuds team, Its difficult to express our experience with you in few words since the role that you played in shaping my kid’s future is so important. My son was just a 2 Yrs old when he joined this almost unknown school way back in 2013. Then as they rest is history and we believe that this was the best decision that we made as my kid not only got the experience of outside world but he transformed into an smart/intelligent and confident kid with few months with them.

What we liked most about Purplebuds from beginning is their desire to consider all the feedback and actually work on those.They been excellent in their academic planning which is not only for regular studies but emphasis on the celebrating all festivals/ Arranging field trips making kids aware of their social responsibility at this tender age.

We are very happy to see Purplebuds grow so fast and respected by all the parents and this is their hard work and sincerity that i think will take them to newer heights.I would refer all the parents to consider their kid/s to be part of Purple buds and rest assured you are setting a solid foundation for your kids future :)

Our Daughter has been with Purple Buds from the time the school started. She was 1.10 yrs then during Nov 2013. It’s almost 3 years now, and at no point of time we felt like moving out. Rather our worries started with the thought that we have to look out for another school after our daughter graduates from the last class in this school.

Being a working parents, we are not always able to give full time to our daughter but our daughter has been doing exceptionally well (all-round) and its only and only due to the exceptional passionate work done at school by teachers and support Staff. They have been at top of their game. The way Kids enjoy learning by their methods reflects in many ways. On the spot, our child was able to participate in kid’s competition of singing, dancing, speech etc, which has happened in our society celebrations.

Every time any recommendations we have made has been taken in very right spirit and always they have looked to innovate and improve from previous time. We feel absolutely safe and proud in sending our daughter to Purple Buds.

They are really doing an exceptional job in creating the future of tomorrow by doing the proper allround development of the kids. We are sure, our daughter is ready to take on the world in coming times, and this is due to efforts of the Purple Buds. And I would recommend the same to anyone who wants to build the citizens of tomorrow, who knows to respect human and technology, side by side. Hats-off, Purple Buds!!!

If i feel some thing modifications will update mam, Its our fortune that we put our son into school purplebuds. There is lot many changes after going to purplebuds. in one month only we saw the difference in kid. after 2 months in purple buds skanda started talking in english, frankly we never speak with him in english at home. I wonder by the way he make sentences and communicate to us . First few months he never interested in writing , i have not done much work on same but suddenly he him self started asking for homework books and showed complete interest on writing ,drawing and painting.

He was shy boy while talking in front of crowd but again purplebuds prooved he is not shy by making him to talk two line on school day programme. We feel skanda is in safe hand because he is going to purplebuds. Also we dont have to worry much about his intellactual, personal, educational growth because purplebuds taking care of him perfectly. Many feastivals celebrations we are also getting introduced because of purplebuds. Cute and lovley greeting cards, pictures made by son in school really makes us so happy for example parents day, grandparents day cards. I feel sending son to purplebuds is itself a celebration.

Love affection given by his class teacher and all other teachers, non teaching staffs and centre head is really remarkable. Sports day, children's day field trips, annual day, graduation day in all such trips school organisation will be memorable and they take care of kids very well.

Hi this is Veronica…eliana’s mom. I wanna share my experience, my daughter was kind of introvert but after joining purple buds I cud see the drastic change in my daughter, initially she joined euro kids as a patent we think n go for branded school but I had a very bad experience they are least bother to see ur little princesses or prince, but I truly say that purple buds and team is really doing great job especially my heartly thanks to pramila mam, she is always ready to solve ur problem or any issues regarding ur kids, without saying (NO) she is an excellent person I ever met in my life. This is my personal experience with her, my daughter groomed and learnt a lot n now she got an admission in bishop cotton girls school. I wish u all the very best purple buds and team.