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About Us

We mend and guide the future citizens with right foundation.

Purple Buds Kindergarten & Activity Centre is an emerging brand in the Academic field. Started 2012, Purple Buds Kindergarten is up-to-the-minute Trained, Qualified and Experienced in nourishing your child with quality Education and enhances each child’s Social, Emotional and Physical Development.

Purple Buds Kindergarten stands apart from others as we adopt and consider Playschools as a huge Social Responsibility to Support, Mend and Guide the Future citizens with Right Foundation.

Purple Buds Kindergarten assures to offer your child with a Safe, Caring, Joyful, Friendly and Nurturing atmosphere. Purple Buds Kindergarten gives confidence to each child equally to Explore, Imagine, Create and Learn through Play.

Purple Buds Kindergarten encourages each child to start right as early childhood is fundamental and is very important to provide an appropriate atmosphere that creates Inquisitiveness to discover the world around them and build interest towards learning.

Purple Buds Kindergarten provides Age appropriate, Play & Learn teaching methods to your child to learn and adapt to the world outside with fun activities were each child is appreciated to learn at their own pace.

Purple Buds Kindergarten Curriculums are well researched and based on Internationally Recognized Values of Early Childhood Education. Purple Buds Kindergarten infrastructure is planned and designed to undertake an ample range of indoor and outdoor activities.

Purple Buds Kindergarten provides you with trained & experienced staff that is kind, friendly and dedicated in nurturing each child with utmost care & love.

Objectives & Ethos

Purple Buds Kindergarten objectives are, with ultimate education to prepare the child competent enough to face the rapidly changing world with a positive approach.

  • 1
    Purple Buds Kindergarten as a clear philosophy to recognize, focus, support and appreciate every child’s unique abilities as we consider "Each child is special & blessed".
  • 2
    Purple Buds Kindergarten comprehend each child as a unique capability to, learn and grasp things around them and so we appreciate each Childs learning pace and accordingly adopt methods to encourage the child to enjoy the whole purpose of learning.
  • 3
    Purple Buds Kindergarten welcomes each child to learn by self-exploring. Purple Buds Kindergarten values early childhood education as this is the precise age to stimulate self-confidence in a child and a sense of assured feeling of doing things by themselves with learning to control mind & muscles.
  • 4
    Purple Buds Kindergarten is family focused and provides huge opportunities for you and your family to be involved in the child’s growth with us.
  • 5
    Purple Buds Kindergarten takes responsibility in nourishing your child providing safe and affectionate atmosphere.